Annual Art Exhibition

23 March – 8 April 2018,  Open 10 am to 4 pm

Each year, we receive hundreds of entries from across Eastern Australia for this popular and successful Art Exhibition. In fact the Tumut Art Society has been hosting annual art exhibitions since 1957!

A huge thank you to our 2 judges, Peter Griffen and Denise Lithgow!!

Opening Night!!!!

And the Winners are…………..

Section 1: Snowy Valleys Shire Award – Any Medium

Judges Comments:

1st:  Elegant, exquisitely worked, and of an intimate nature.

2nd:  Striking impacts and full of light and character, very powerful.

Highly Commended:  Portrait of colour and beauty.

Commended: Quality of light is superb.

Section 2:  Local Scene Snowy Valleys Shire, Any Medium

Judges Comments:

1st: Glowing and highly technical but at the same time there is a sense of love & excitement for the landscape.

2nd: Soft & sensitives expressionist, great use of texture creating a feel for the landscape.

Highly Commended: Drama enhanced by strong tones.

Commended: Innovative and powerful, using techniques personal to the artist.

Section 3:  Watercolour/Ink & Wash

Judges Comments:

1st:  Free thinking and organic which presents an unexpected surprise.

2nd:  Strong positive technique.

Highly Commended:  Poetic and delicate.

Commended:  Simple but exciting rendition of classic subject matter.

Section 4: Oils

Judges Comments:

1st:  Powerfully centred composition.

2nd:  Very good light and expressive brushwork.

Highly Commended:  Serene and rich in feeling.

Commended:  Idyllic.

Section 5: Acrylics

Judges Comments:

Flowing & arabesque, with soft moody shadows.

2nd:  Captures the flinty texture of the land.

Highly Commended:  Inventive, playful and stimulates the imagination.

Commended:  Unique approach to well-known subject matter.

Section 6:  Pastels

Judges Comments:

!st: Strong sense of place.

2nd:  Dark but alive good energy.

Highly Commended:  Very delicate with sensitive use of technique.

Commended:  Welcoming and wonderfully romantic.

Section 7:  Works on Paper

Judges Comments:

1st:  Sculpturally strong with great sensitivity.

2nd:  Delightfully lyrical.

Highly Commended:  Handled in a personally rich and unique way.

Commended:  Something special and exploratory.

Section 8:  Fibre Art

Judges Comments:

1st:  This piece was made with skill in a way that complements the work. It is experimental and well presented with good tonal qualities. The suggestion of barbwire with stitching and the mix of rusty metal frames it well. Weaving is well balanced.

2nd:  Good composition, a powerful work, well balanced with the main section off to one side. Shows the maker is in control of the medium.

Highly Commended:  Good composition and subject matter. Felting is not over worked which shows in this works shadows.

Commended:  Very innovative. Fabric and stitch can be a powerful, artful combination which shows in this works shadows.

Section 9:  Small Painting

Judges Comments:

1st:  Classic.

2nd:  Warm, peaceful composition.

Highly Commended:  Delightfully intimate.

Local Artist Encouragement Award:

Helen Taylor, “Killimicat Station”. Judges Comments: A personal and delightfully felt response to the landscape. Rich colour and unusual composition.




People’s Choice Award 

1st Prize provide by the Art Scene:  Glenyce Francis, “Talbingo Reflections”

2nd Prize:  Ray Warsop, “Tumut River, Blowering”

3rd Prize:  Glenyce Francis, “Wind & Sun in King George River, The Kimberley”