Annual Art Exhibition


2019 Annual Art Exhibition Results

Peoples Choice Winners!!!

Fine Art Judge: TERRY JARVIS           Fibre Art Judge: ROBYN DUNCAN

1st Prize              ‘NIMBO CREEK – BRUNGLE’ by Steve Underwood

This is a fantastic painting full of life and movement, reflecting the essence of this area. Technically everything is in place, composition, temperature, tones, variety of brushwork, and edges. A unique take on a wonderful subject. The white cockatoos flying into the scene, placed against the darkest dark in the painting thrusts the viewer down and along the creek that shimmers in the afternoon light. Broad brushstrokes – saying more with less makes and yet every nuance of the story is all there. Congratulations Steve.           

2nd Prize                       ‘ROGUE WAVE’ by Adrienne Conway 

Highly commended   ‘MOODY MORNING AT RIVER BEND’ by John Wilson

Commended                ‘BLOOMIN RUST’ by Jan Lawler

SECTION 2: – Local Scene Snowy Valleys Shire, Any Medium 

1st Prize              ‘MORNING LIGHT PINE MOUNTAIN’ by John Wilson

A lovely painting John! This painting is all about the story of mountain light as it dips and weaves its way thought the ridges and valleys, then to reveal itself in all of its glory on the flatland of the ranges. A beautiful example of mood, atmosphere, and cool backgrounds with the warmth of the foreground trees bringing the scene together. Well done, congratulations.

2nd Prize                      ‘GILMORE VALLEY SHED’ by Bob Gurney

Highly commended  ‘SPRING GREEN – TUMUT’ by Kasey Sealy

Commended               ‘GILMORE BACKWATER’ by Don Talintyre

SECTION 3:   Watercolour / ink & wash

1st Prize              ‘A SOFT LIGHT VENICE’ by Kasey Sealy

A well-executed watercolour Kasey. Beautiful broad washes, lights left, and tonally correct to capture that soft Venetian light that leaves us with beautiful architectural shapes. Saying more with less. Not overworked. Well done, congratulations.

2ND PRIZE                    ‘THE EAGLE’ by Karen Walsh


Commended                 ‘TICKLE THE SENSES’ by Penny Levett

SECTION 4:  – Oils 

1st Prize          ‘KOI’ by Janis Lawler

What a lovely rendition Jan, of a great subject. The edges defining the parts of the fish above and below the water (lost, soft edges for under the water, in cooler colours and sharper more vibrant marks for above the water) draw us into the scene. Waterlilies placed in great spaces, in and against the darks, with lightest fish close to the main motif area on the bottom left creates harmony and balance. Well done, congratulations.

2ND PRIZE                    ‘EVENING PASTORAL’ by David Lake

Highly Commended   ‘HER MAGES-TEA’ by Paul McNight

Commended                  ‘AFTERNOON SHADOWS – NARELLAN CREEK’ by Bob Gurney

SECTION 5:  Acrylics 

1st Prize           ‘ANOTHER SECRET PLACE’ by Adrienne Conway

A great example of a mixture of textural balance with many techniques revealing the storyline portrayed. Soft and gentle in the background to harder, sharper, deeper tones in the foreground creating depth! Well done, congratulations.

2nd Prize                         ‘POMEGRANITE’ by Katie Day

Highly Commended    ‘THE ANGUS HEIFER’ by Tracey Heinrich 

Commended                   ‘STILL LIFE IN GREENS’ by Bev Harris

SECTION 6:  Pastels

1st Prize           ‘RUSTED IN THE OUTBACK’ by Glenyce Francis

A wonderful example of controlled pastel. Complimentary colours, differing textures, tones, blending, loose area and fine areas, never losing that elusive lights. The grasses cleverly reveal the environment in which the old stove sits. The frame becomes part of the story too – dark against light give it a dynamic.

2nd Prize                        ‘THE MACHINIST’ by Colina Grant 

Highly commended    ‘3 BALLOONS’ by Janis Lawler

Commended                 ‘THE JUNCTION – BRUNGLE’ by Paul Thompson

SECTION 7:   Works on Paper

1st Prize                  ‘SILVER BIRCH’ by Jennifer Forster

A wonderful portrait Jen of this great tree. To paint a section of the tree allows the artist to explore the differing textures with differing tonal value and heavier and lighter softer marks. Soft background pushing the trunk and branches forward. Close analogous tones have been used on the trunk so we see the roundness of the pillar that is the trunk. Congratulations Jennifer.

2nd Prize                         ‘EMU STOMP’ by Michelle Ferrier

Highly Commended    ‘LORRIE’ by Michelle Ferrier 

Commended                  ‘LANCELOT’ by Therese McTavish

SECTION 8:   Fibre Art 

1st Prize                    ‘ASCENDING’ by Jessica Forster

Felt makers expertise – seamlessly joined in each ascending layer – you can visualise the bush.

2nd Prize                           ‘STANDING BY’ by Carol Slattery

Highly Commended     ‘HEART STRINGS’ by Sheryl Daniels

Commended                   ‘ELKE’ by Adrienne de Bruyn 

SECTION 9:   Small Painting  

1st Prize                    ‘HALL LANDSCAPE’ by Sandra House

A lovely small painting, beautifully framed. Cools to the back pushing eh warm trunks and foreground grasses towards the viewer, a lovely balance and harmony here. One of the smallest paintings here and worthy of first prize.\

2nd Prize                        ‘THE BEND AHEAD’ by Susan Joyce

Highly Commended   ‘SHEEPDOG TRIALS’ by Val Johnson

Commended                 ‘DOWN THAT ROAD’ by Trish Bennett

Local Artist Encouragement Award: 

For Snowy Valleys Council residents who have nominated for the award.

1ST PRIZE        ‘ANNECCY – FRANCE’ by Geoff Naylor

A very nice painting Geoff! It oozes the French Architecture. I really love the light, not overworked but decisive in your brushstrokes, good strong darks against good strong lights.

2ND Prize        ‘EN POINTE’ by Jodie Rolleston

Saturday 13 April to Sunday 28 April, 2019,  Open 10 am to 4 pm

Each year, we receive hundreds of entries from across Eastern Australia for this popular and successful Art Exhibition. In fact the Tumut Art Society has been hosting annual art exhibitions since 1957!

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